Beautiful Character Meme
↳ (2/5) black haired beauties - Azusa (Azu-Nyan) Nakano
'Please don't graduate… I won't yell at you for leaving the club room a mess and for doing nothing but drinking tea all day just please… don't graduate!'

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"It’s a promise!" - anime character thats about to fucking die

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I hope all of you make it to where you wanna be in life.

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Anonymous said: Special thing, huh? Alright~ ;)

Yeah he reblogged it so I could see it, wait what’s with that smiley?


Dipper you are so cute and your hat is so dumb. 

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Hey guys! So as most of you noticed (or not) I’m not very active lately and that’s obviously because of the SSB demo for the 3ds, oh and also because school. I’m trying to put more stuff on queue

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I just remembered I still haven’t replied to a message I got yesterday

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